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Vegetarian. Twin sister. Sun: Cancer. Moon: Sagittarius. Venus: Cancer. Mars: Taurus. Cancer research. College senior. Boston/Maine. Too passionate to not be a priority.

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If you receive this it means you make someone happy! send this to 10 followers that make you happy,or some you feel need some cheering up.If you get some back,even better! AN ADDENDUM ADDED BY ME: i know you hardly check this anymore, but your existence makes me happy, so.
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Work birthday ❤️

LOLOLOL how is this funny dude? #boyfriendproblems #mechanicproblems

This is getting ridiculous.

I fucking hate Fathers’ Day. Always have, always will.

Which sucks, but I guess there’s no point in feeling sad ‘cause there’s nothing I can do.


life hack: get a tattoo. if the people at the job interview notice it and look concerned, laugh a little and explain “it’s just temporary.”  months later if your boss asks why you lied and said it was a temporary tattoo, stare off into the distance and whisper with a tremulous voice the poor excuse for truth your subconscious has been fighting for its entire insignificant existence: “everything is temporary.”

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Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light.
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